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LAK PROJECT: Yalumba Restaurant at Le Méridien Dubai Hotel

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今天让我们来参观迪拜机场附近艾美酒店(Le Meridien)的Yalumba餐厅。

 Today, we would like to share the Yalumba Restaurant at Le Méridien Dubai Hotel.




Refined, exquisite and inviting, Le Méridien Dubai is a hidden heaven that enjoys an idyllic and verdant setting in city location.



Besides the five star living experience, the hotel owns 18 restaurants for guests to choose from. And Yalumba is most popular not only its decoration but also the cuisine.




The country-themed design of Yalumba Restaurant is inspired by the Yalumba Winery, which of the same name and is located in Australia's Bunosa Valley. The winey has a 170-year history and is one of the oldest and most famous winey in Australia.




Being decorated with pendant lights and spotliaghts, and modern table and chair with touchable surface, Yalumba provides the top dining atmosphere.




Whatever the application of wood flooring, or hollow cut-off of steel, the whole decoration reflect the designer's intention and pursuit of quality.




Here the guests can enjoy the delicious cusine with jazz music. Everything is nature and cosy.




The flooring comes from Monpar 3D Thermo of LAKapplying the material of oak tree of more than 200 years in Italy. Nature is the best designer to define the wood’s color and texture. The 3D Thermo Oak flooring is impressing that installed by light and dark gradation and demostrated with 3D effect.




Located in Alonte, northeast of Italy. Monpar was establshed decades ago. It focus on manufacture of wooden flooring and all products are 100% made in Italy.



摩派(Monpar)的首席设计师 Carlo Dal Bianco 是知名的建筑设计师,毕业于威尼斯建筑学院,曾从事重要历史遗迹的修复工作及产品设计工作。在其很多作品中,都引用了意大利,法国,德国等诸多国家的历史文化为素材。

As Monpar's chief designer, Carlo Dal Bianco is a prominent architect and was graduated from the Venice School of Architecture. He worked on the restoration of important historical sites and products design. Most of his artworks are based on the history and culture of Italy, France, Germany ect.




In 2011, Carlo started to design geometry flooring for Monpar. The flooring he designed is simple but unique, which can be installed in numbers of way. Combined the natural wood color with black, white and grey, the flooring creates the visualization of space continuity and modern impact.




Meanwhile, Monpar is well know for its exquisite craftsmanship and stability. The surface treatment is required to be handled by the Italian craftsmen with more than 20 years of experience in flooring production, that make flooring perfectly match the natural color and real wood touch. 




Monpar is pronoun of Italian high-end handmade flooring. Monpar flooring are made with the unparalleled and surface incomparable beauty, which valued by people of pursuit of individuality and taste!