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Opening Celebration of LAK Growth Ring Art Gallery

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It takes one year to grow grains
It takes ten years to plant trees
while it takes one hundred years to educate people

On September 8th, 2022, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the LAK’ founding, LAK Growth Ring Art Gallery opened in GuangZhou Louvre Furnishings Art Center.
LAK年轮艺术馆是由广州普利策设计公司(PONE Architechture)创始人何思玮先生亲自主持设计,融合了建筑设计理念,历时半年精心打造的至具品位欧洲进口木地板展厅。
LAK Growth Ring Art Gallery was designed by Mr. Golden Ho, the founder of Guangzhou PONE Architechture. They spent half year to build the stylish European flooring gallery carefully,by integrating architectural design concepts.

Mechanical aesthetics and space poetry

Drawing on the relationship between Le Cobusier's mechanical aesthetics and space, Louis Isadore Kahn's classical poetic construction philosophy and Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe's minimalist spirit, the design of art gallery make a series of innovations and changes on structural design, display construction, soft outfit design and furniture’s R&D. It shows the rationality and poetry, and inherits and innovates of the art gallery.

Geometric tension

The customization and application of many creative geometric shapes in the gallery enhances each other and contain great tension. The product's presentation changed from the traditional straightforward display to the progressive presentation of vertical/horizaontal slice, island, and gallery, which perfectly explains the upgrade of LAK's brand.
 Thanks to the fully supporting of PONE!

On the opening day of LAK Growth Ring Art Gallery, the industry celebrities such as Golden Ho, Ming Leung, Peng Zheng, Hu Xiaomei, Vinck Vai, Tony Ho, and Evans Lee attend the celebration witness this special moment.

开馆仪式现场,毕业于南京艺术学院的自由舞者易依,为LAK十周年庆典全新创编了现代舞,一曲《Everything I do,I do it for you》的倾情演绎,就像是讲述着Everything LAK do,LAK do it for you的心声。通过音乐和舞蹈,传递品牌对家居艺术的追求与态度。
At that moment, Yi Yi, a free dancer who graduated from Nanjing University of the Arts, created a new modern dance for LAK's 10th anniversary celebration. The passionate performance of “Everything I do, I do it for you” was like telling the aspiration of "Everything LAK do, LAK do it for you". LAK conveys the brand's pursuit and attitude towards home furnishing art through music and dance.

LAK十年的发展 离不开各欧洲厂商的大力支持和共同进步。各厂商负责人疫情不便到庆典现场,但也送来了诚挚的视频祝福!
LAK's ten year development is inseparable from the strong supporting and mutual improvement of European manufacturers. Because of the current epidemic situation, it was inconvenient for the heads of manufacturers to come to the scene, and they sent sincere video wishes for the celebration!

Prizemen of Outstanding Contribution Award: Mr. Mo Zhiqiang from the Engineering Management Department, and Linda from the International Trade Department

十年的坚持 离不开团队伙伴的不忘初心和开拓进取。感谢志同道合、德才兼备、同舟共济的同事们。
Ten years of perseverance is inseparable from the teams and partners' original aspiration and pioneering spirit. Thanks to all colleagues who share the same ideals, combine ability and integrity, and pull together in times of trouble.
未来的前行 更离不开客户和朋友们一如既往的支持与信赖!
Ten way of going ahead, is inseparable from the supporting and trust of customers and friends as always!

On the evening of the opening celebration, LAK’s friends and colleagues who attended the meeting came to W Hotel Guangzhou to celebrate LAK's tenth anniversary and toast to the bright future!

LAK 始于2012 年3 月,总部设在广州,并在全国各地设有专卖店。LAK欧洲进口木地板旗下拥有意大利摩派(Monpar)、德国托赫(Ter Hürne)、匈牙利玛帕(Mátraparkett)、西班牙菲萨(Purefloor)等欧洲一线木地板品牌,是全国多家大型企业集团的战略供应商。
Started in March 2012, headquartered in Guangzhou, LAK has established franchise stores throughout the country. LAK imported first-line European wood flooring of the btands such as Italian Monpar, German ter Hürne, Hungarian Mátraparkett and Spanish PurefoorLAK, is a strategic supplier of numbers of large enterprise groups across the country.

LAK wood flooring, adhering to the long European manufacturing tradition, is environmentally friendly, nature-followed, unique and exquisite, and pays attention to design. With many unique colours and inimitable items, LAK owns the flooring of three-layer, multi-layer, solid wood and laminate, and provides one-stop service including installation, after-sales and maintenance.


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