LAK was founded in 2012 and focus on the business of European imported wood flooring.


LAK is headquartered in Guangzhou and has established over 30 franchise stores in key cities such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Beijing, Dalian, and Nanjing. LAK is a strategic partner of numerous large real estate and enterprise groups in China.


LAK is exclusive distributors of many European high-end brands of wood flooring in China, such as Italian Monpar, Hungarian Mátraparkett, German Ter Hürne, Spanish Purefloor, Turkish TANTIMBER, and British Foreso.


LAK European imported wood flooring is 100% made in Europe, and focus on unique craftsmanship and quality, emphasizes design and eco-friendly concepts, provides complete products’ collections and high-end customization. It can meet the design, construction, and after-sales maintenance needs of wood flooring of various engineering and home decoration materials for indoor and outdoor floors, walls, stairs, and so on.


The upgraded display space that LAK spare no effort to create in 2022- LAK Growth Ring Art Gallery (LAK Concept Store), sited in the Louvre Art Center, Guangzhou, which ranking among the Asia Top 500 brands. It was newly designed by Guangzhou PONE Architecture and won the 2023 German Reddot design award: Best of the Best, which further expands LAK's influence in leading industry trends.

Since long LAK is renowned inside and outside the industry for its first-class products, professional and comprehensive services, and development philosophy of keeping up with the times.